Quick-Dry Water-Repellent Antifouling Washable
Regular fabric

SEAMATE® AQUA-BLOCKING PROCESSING, a high water-repellency technology, is readily applicable to the surface of Nylon, Polyester and High stretch fabrics (such as SF fabrics) which can be further laminated with rubber sponges.

The water-repellency of fabrics treated by the AQUA-BLOCKING PROCESSING lasts longer than ordinary repellency-treated fabrics. The water-repellency rating maintains at 70 after washing 30 times (AATCC 22).


1. Water-Repellent
2. Quick dry
3. Antifouling
4. Washable
5. Waterproof (laminated with CR sponge).


Functional swim suit,
Surfing suit,
Triathlon suit,
Fishing suit,
Thermal clothing...etc.

Water-Repellency comparison

Water-Repellency comparison

*For comparison and reference only.

*There will be a slight color variation due to the water-repellent processing.

*Different fabrics reveal different water-repellent effects. Please contact our marketing representatives if tailoring other specific fabrics is required.

Water-Repellent rating
100 Excellent
90 Very Good
80 Good
70 Normal
50 Not good

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