Cmate™ is a newly developed composite material made with ECO-SPONGE, that is made with 100% CR Sponge using a special multi-layer process.

Cmate™ has a smooth surface with excellent waterproof and water repellence features. It also has a superior soft feeling and anti-vibration functions. Cmate™ has multiple styles of patterns and colors available. Material thickness and laminating fabrics may also be customized and can be used in various products. Cmate™ unique textures and fashion designs can increase a product's market competitiveness.


♦ Handbag、Cosmetic Case、Coin Wallet、Glasses Case...

♦ Mobile Phone bag、PDA bag、Laptop bag、Camera bag and other 4C Electronic Product bags...

♦ Wet/Surfing Suit、fashionable Wet/Surfing Suit trimming、Beach Pants、Triathlon Suit、Gloves and so on

Available Grades, Sizes & Min. Thickness:

ECO-08、ECO-08H、ECO-04、ECO-SS、3D for 1.0mm↑


50" X 40"

We have passed:

∗ RoHS 2.0 (Directive 2011/65/EC)

∗ CPSIA (US Public Law 110-314)

∗ PAHs (Less than 10 mg/kg of the sum of all PAHs)


PVC free

4 grade↑ of colorfastness to washing(AATCC 61-1A)

3-4 grade↑ of colorfastness to seawater(AATCC 106)

3-4 grade(DRY)↑ of colorfastness to Crocking(AATCC 8)

3 grade(WET)↑ of colorfastness to Crocking(AATCC 8)

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