EN14225-1 : WET SUIT material

Nylon Jersey + ECO-08 + Nylon Plush產品通過德國萊因驗證公司 的EN 14225-1 材料驗證,具有良好的耐海水、耐日光、耐汗漬色牢度,並符合材料安規標準,與化學物質如偶氮、多芳香聯苯、甲醛、鎘、三丁基錫化合物等低含量之化性要求。

產品用途:Wet suit


Test specifications EN 14225-1:2005:

4.1.1 Test for high and low temperature cycling (PASS)

4.1.2 Sea water resistance (PASS)

4.1.4 Resistance to repeated pressurization under water (PASS)

4.1.5 Tensile strength of material (PASS)

4.1.6 Resistance to permanent deformation (PASS)

4.3 Thermal performacne of suit material (Class B)

ISO 105-E02:1994 Colorfastness to sea water(PASS)

ISO 105-B02:1994 Colorfastness to artificial light(PASS)

DIN 53160 Colorfastness to sweat(PASS)

PAHs According to 76/769/EEC(less than 10 mg/kg of the sum of all PAHs)

Cadmiun According to 76/769/EEC(less than 100 mg/kg) Formaldehyde According to DIN ISO/TS 17226(PASS)

Tributyltin(TBT) Following DIN 38407-13(PASS)

Nonylphenol Semi-quantitative screening by GC-MS(less than 0.1wt%)

Banned azodyes Determination with TLC and GC-MS(PASS)


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