HOSPAN is the blended fabric of hollow fiber and spandex. Use special weaving process (Jacquard machine) to make particular pattern on surface, better air for warm keeping purpose.


Thermal-4 is graphite carbon black fiber blended with Polyester & spandex, and it has better warm keeping function than Nylon or Polyester. It's good to use in the lining of surfing suit, diving suit. (Only black color available)


MT is sueding-treated thermal-keeping Nylon fabric. Superior soft feeling and good warm-keeping effects.

PP-1, PP-4

PP-1, PP-4 are blended fabric of low heat conductive Polypropylene(PP) and highly elastic fibers. It displays characteristics of softness, high stretchability and low water absorption. The Polypropylene loops hold in enough air to decrease temperature loss. Due to heat retaining properties, PP is superior to Nylon fabric.

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